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This is not just any team. This is The Team.  A team so elite and sumptuous you will be fantasising and day-dreaming about them from the moment you decide to visit us. We are dedicated to sensual perfection and are masters of our bodies. We tempt and tease with aplomb, expertly taking control of all your desires and turning them into reality.

Only the Best

Intimately Yours

Experts in the art of sensual massage, the bellanova team are in high demand. Our rooms are perfect for couples, solo hedonists, tourists and business men alike. For this reason, we strongly suggest planning your appointments in advance

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Auckland’s Hottest Erotic Male Masseurs


We Are Proudly 100% LGBTQ+ Friendly

We all have that deep sexual fire burning in us. Day to day we may hide it but every so often the deep desire we harbour demands to be satisified.  When this urge rises you need to seek out only the best.

We don’t just light your fire here. Sparks are gently fanned, carefully, tantalisingly grown into a sizzling, erotic, untameable lust.

Let our team of gorgeous men take charge of your arousal .