The service we provide at Bella Nova is a fully nude, hot oil, erotic and sensual massage experience.

We cater to male and female clientele, we are LGBTQ+ friendly.

We are very professional, and we are good at what we do. We will do our utmost to make sure your time with us is relaxing and memorable.
Be polite, be on time, be respectful of boundaries and you will definitely leave having enjoyed a mind blowing experience.

Remember the old adage; the cleaner you are, the closer we will get.

Sex is not offered under any circumstances. If you are looking for full service, Bella Nova is not the place for you.

Private & Elite

Excelling In The Erotic

Discretion is everything for both clientele and staff.

Our premises boast in-room shower facilities and mirrors upon mirrors for the best angles!  We do not have signage because what we all do in our spare time should be kept private and confidential.

Please note that while most of the massage staff fall under the usual pricing, we do have a few independent ladies who use our premises and may charge different rates.

The receptionist will let you know if a rate differs to the norm.

Erotic Sensuality

Our Most Popular Massage

  • 60 Minutes – $160
  • 45 Minutes – $140
  • 30 Minutes – $120

Extended Bookings

  • 75 Minutes – $210
  • 90 Minutes – $280
  • 120 Minutes – $320

Includes bodyslides, erotic breastsweeps, hot oil, hand relief at no extra cost 

Lingerie Massage - NEW

A Visual Delight For A Discerning Gentleman

  • 60 Minutes – $140
  • 45 Minutes – $120
  • 30 Minutes – N/A

Only A Handful Of Our Team Provide This Sensational Massage

Meet Our Lingerie Clad Beauties Here

Sensory Overload

An absolute sensory indulgence.
Double the view and double the attention.

  • 60 Minutes – $280
  • 45 Minutes – $260
  • 30 Minutes – $240

Extended Bookings

  • 90 Minutes – $540
  • 120 Minutes – $600

Includes bodyslides, erotic breastsweeps, hot oil, hand relief by two gorgeous women at no extra cost 


Here’s A Gallery Of Our Bi-Sexual Babes For You To Create Your Fantasy With


Blind Date Massages are a popular choice for those seeking to heighten their excitement with a little bit of anticipation and mystery.
We’ll pick one of our gorgeous girls especially for you so you don’t have to make any decisions – amazing!

Ask specifically for a blind date massage and our team will take charge for you

  • 60 Minutes – $140
  • 45 Minutes – $120
  • 30 Minutes – $110
Gentle Tease

Lady Luck Massages are a very popular choice here at BellaNova. Since their debut we have been inundated with requests for this session which combines mystery, intrigue with just the right amount of control.
Give us your top three masseuses of the day and we’ll pick one to surprise you. Talk about a sexy treat

Ask specifically for a Lady Luck Massage and our team will take charge for you

  • 60 Minutes – $150
  • 45 Minutes – $130
Ignite The Flame

We love to indulge in couples massage sessions. We are very good at them and offer the hottest sessions in Auckland

For those looking to spice up their love life, a sexy gift for yourself and your partner or to try something a little different.

  • 60 Minutes – $300
  • 45 Minutes – $280
  • 30 Minutes – $260

Extended Bookings

  • 90 Minutes – $540
  • 120 Minutes – $600

Meet The Girls Who Excel In A Couples Dynamic

See Our Gorgeous Guys Here


Two Gorgeous Men For Your Erotic Indulgence

  • 60 Minutes – $280
  • 45 Minutes – $260
  • 30 Minutes – $240

Extended Bookings

  • 90 Minutes – $540
  • 120 Minutes – $600

See Our Gorgeous Guys Here

Women for Women

Whether You’re Into Women, Searching To Liberating Yourself Sexually or Just A Little Curious..

We Have Just The Girls For You! Click Here To View Them




Foot Fetish

If You Know, You Know…And We Know That Foot Fetish Is Sexy As Hell!

Meet Our Foot Goddesses Here (Updated Photos Coming SEPTEMBER)




BDSM & Kink

We Have Some Seriously Kinky Goddesses Amongst Us

BDSM & Kink Style Sessions Are Always Done In A Safe and Sane Manner.
Our Team Are Not Submissive. All Boundaries And Safety Instructions Are Non-Negotiable.
A Clear Level Of Communication Is Required In Every BDSM & Kink Style Session.

BDSM & Kink Services Often Require Advance Notice and Come At An Extra Cost Which You Will Discuss With Your Masseuse In Question Upon Meeting Her.

View Our Kinksters Here



Extra Decadent

We cannot make any promises in regards to extra services. That is between you and the lady you have chosen.

Extras are little addons you can indulge in during your session, such as mutual touching or prostate massage.
Extras are at a ladies discretion and come at an extra cost, management does not enforce extra services nor do we set the prices. If this is something you are interested in, our management can tentatively point you in the right direction, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Please discuss with your masseuse upon arrival.
And please remember that sex isn’t an option we offer.

A word of warning:
Our ladies are beautiful, talented and intelligent. They are part of our team because they enjoy Sensual Massage. 
Any form of disrespect, harassment or violation of boundaries will result in immediate termination of service without refund.

Training Doubles

Come meet our new girls


Special Guest

We occasionally have the privilege of some gorgeous girls visiting us from other cities! Keep an eye on our roster!

Free* Parking Available To All Clients Visiting For An Hour Or More

*Bring in your parking slip and we will give you $10 off your booking 

Does not include Blind Dates, Lady Lucks or Promo’s

Limited Availability

Call For More Information