Famed For Our Privacy and Discretion, We Work On An Appointment Only Basis.

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Highly Recommended

“It’s a little trippy as you get VERY specific instructions on how to get there, you go to a room you have been told to go to and there’s your lady.. So, great rooms, showers in every room is a big plus, and a very comfortable massage bed…lay back and enjoy simple but spacious surrounds and the company of your chosen lady.”
– Nawayy, Adult Forum

‘For anyone who lives, works or plays in the CBD Bella Nova is simply the best location, it’s right in the middle of town and really discrete’
– Elevate, Adult Forum

“Phone contact is awesome. Replies come back in a fast and friendly manner. Liked the double check to make sure I knew the place didn’t provide full service. I knew exactly where I was going and what I was doing at all times because if I had a question I felt free to ask it. I had a wonderful week anticipating what was to come.”
– Hspree, AF

Your Private Location

Hidden away in the heart of the Auckland CBD on Victoria Street West, our location was chosen for it’s unparalleled discretion. Our building is neither residential nor filled with crazy commercial foot traffic, giving you plenty of excuses to be visiting and yet absolutely no way of bumping into anyone you know.

Free* Parking Available To All Clients Visiting For An Hour Or More

Bring in your parking slip and we will give you $10 off your booking 

Does not include Blind Dates, Lady Lucks or Promo’s


Civic Center

299 Queen Street


Victoria St

30 Kitchener Street


Atrium on Elliot

120-130 Albert Street


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