Lusty Goddess

Age: 20

Height: 5,1

Identifies As: NZ Asian

Bust: C Cup

Hair: Dark

Dress Size: 7

Tattoos: Tiny

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Massage Style: Lustful and Spicy

Meet a woman so gorgeous, so sensual and so perfectly teasing you will think you have reached erotic nirvana!

Embracing her mixed Asian heritage and kiwi upbringing, Sadie is your ultimate exotic companion.

Naturally playful and sensual with a very naughty side that hides under a sweet exterior - she is not your typical girl next door.

A true lover of giving pleasure, Sadie will spoil you completely and attend to your every need.

Come spend an hour in her undivided attention, run your fingers all over her soft supple skin.

As an adventure seeker and intimacy lover, you will succumb to the heavenly sounds of her gentle whimpers as she begs for more.

Be sure to book as she doesn't work often.

Extras are at the girls discretion BellaNova makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Sadie is very open minded but does not advertise her extras online.
Please ask her during your session, her price range for extras is $50 to $150 xx

Some Of The Things She Is Open To Include (But Are Not Limited To)

  • Toys On You (BYO)
  • Multi-Shots
  • Prostate Massage
  • Foot Fetish (Additional Charge)
  • Foot Job (Learning)
  • Humiliation (Light)

In Addition To An Amazing Sensual Massage, I Also Offer:

  • You, Your Partner And Me (No Relief For Woman)
  • Couples Massage With A Friend Of Mine (Male/Female - It's Your Choice)
  • Straight Doubles

I arrive, go through the usual seamless protocol and I’m in the room waiting. But there is a nagging doubt, am I just doing this for the illicit thrill? Who is going to show – I’m usually so deliberate about this - what it if bombs? I forcefully remind myself to just stop it, and just be – be in the moment, let go of all that stuff, and in a heartbeat from that thought there she is. Sadie.

She is as her profile described, mixed Asian brought up in New Zealand. If she is a goddess it is one of laughter and light, even in the room’s atmospheric twilight, her eyes sparkle and her happy, warm affection shone through. She’s a diminutive, 5’1” but her personality is so much larger than that. As I step out of the shower she is there to great me in a gorgeous lingerie set. She asks if I would like to unwrap the present, I stutter and then just say “sure” . She turns her back to me and I realise just what a beautiful, radiant lovely lady she is – the jet black hair, the nape of her neck, the toned muscle down her back – those dimples just above those firm hips and cheeks – glorious!

As gently as I can I undo the clasp and slip my fingers under the thin shoulder straps to release her. She coos in anticipation as the garments fall to the floor and turns to me. We embrace and it’s just magic, she feels so warm and natural, her hair smells divine ... as I kiss her neck she giggles and voices her pleasure – such a turn on.

She tells me to lay face down on the table - which she has deliberately made more difficult by applying her charms, but I find a way. Then she performs a masterclass on how to use tons of oil ... then raise and lower sexual tension. One minute she’s sliding all over me, surfing even, the next she’s doing a ninja demonstration in the ass levitation thing. She says “you were nearly ready to pop, weren’t you” - all I could say was... “yes.”

The turnover and now she knows where my edge is she pushes it almost mercilessly, she knows exactly where I am and keeps forcing me to the point of no return and ever so gently letting me down so I can focus on those curves, those sparkling dark eyes, that golden skin and a least try to hold my own in the battle of who is going to have the most sublime experience.

Needless to say she made absolutely certain she won that battle, if the All Blacks had seen how convincing that victory was they would have been sending me consolation messages.

But seriously – as the session went on it just seemed to get better and better. She timed it perfectly – she responded to me rather than thrashing the whole hour – so we had 15 minutes to spare that we gloriously wasted on me giving her a foot massage and chatting about the importance of connection and communication.

Like her profile says – Book her – she doesn’t work often.

So glad I took a ‘punt’ - Debs and Bella – can’t think of a better place to chance it.

Please always note, identifying features have been removed from images for discretion purposes.