Luxury Sensual Massage



Name: Isla

Age: 19

Nationality: New Zealand

Bust: D Cup

Dress Size: 8

Height: 5,6

Massage Style: Decadent

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Tattoos: No


Be prepared to be blown away by this exotic beauty!

Isla (pronounced Eye-La) is an awe inspiring beauty. From her stunning features to her gorgeous figure, she is pure perfection.

Our team absolutely adore her! She is bright and bubbly and very quick with her wit. She has a very ready smile and a generous personality which shines through in every interaction.

Isla is a very, very popular lady. She is sassy in just the right way and yet still a total honey-bun.

We are addicted to her and are sure it wont be long until you are too!

Isla loves doing doubles with the BellaNova girls so don't be afraid to book yourself the most unforgettable treat!

Additional Services

Extras are at the girls discretion. Bella Nova makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Additional Services Offered at My Discretion:

Doubles | Bi Doubles | Couples | Blind Dates

Isla is open minded to extra services but does not advertise them online.

Please ask during your session xx


Review by hspree

Decadent curves, a little sass, a lot of fun. My first time to Bella Nova was a treat with the friendly and straight talking Isla.

Back to the regular transmission:

My body's been pleading with me to slow down. I've held off as long as possible because when it comes to this industry I've considered myself strictly cum fornicating and have had plenty of other aspects of my life I can pull back on. However, the calls to pump the brakes are insistent and as each week passes I find myself more and more amenable to the idea of just lying back and letting someone else do all the work. Not all the time, mind you, just when the body needs it.

Also, both Debonairs and Bella Nova put on quite the charm offensive around here, aided quite admirably by the likes of Wade (hopefully just on sabbatical) and gglover giving plenty of positive reviews to stir desire. I've kept an eye on their websites and have been really impressed with the work they've put in to make what they do clear and more accessible to those of us who are used to FS. There's little wonder that the idea of slowing down grew in equal measure to my curiosity about what goes on in these establishments.

It must be noted, where Wade's approach is maximum effort, my condition calls for minimum exertion.

I dialled up Bella Nova early in the week. I like logging in to see who's available. There's all the anticipation of the lottery in wondering who will be rostered on combined with the feeling that I can't lose whoever it is anyway. Luck had it that Isla, one of the ladies I'd already had my eye on, was available.

Phone contact is awesome. Replies come back in a fast and friendly manner. Liked the double check to make sure I knew the place didn't provide full service. I knew exactly where I was going and what I was doing at all times because if I had a question I felt free to ask it. I had a wonderful week anticipating what was to come.

The initial meeting was a bit of a blur. Wanted to make sure I had the cash ready, trying to make sure I took in all the instruction, and getting out of the winter kit and into the shower. I wasn't able to get done before she got back so before I knew it I was on the table and her hands were working me up and down.

I liked being face down. I closed my eyes a bit and we talked leisurely about weekend plans and what might happen around New Years. The topic of extras came up and she was refreshingly honest about her preferences. Depending on what part of the Bella Nova site you reference, Isla's massage style is described as either fun or decadent. She's definitely fun, and brings a playful side to some of the fingertip strokes she uses, however, once her breasts start to slowly glide over you and her curves are on full display, the experience definitely takes on an air of decadence. Her hands have a solid, firm touch when needed and my neck and shoulders were definitely appreciative of some of the stronger passes she made along their muscles.

She turns me over, and wow. I do love me some curves and to be honest I had to close my eyes and put my hands behind my head so as to remember my massage manners at times. Her hands really know how to work the oil where it counts too, especially on some of the slower, more sensual handiwork.

So, mission accomplished. I definitely got to slow down and Isla's relaxed manner helped make the time feel leisurely and unrushed. I'm most grateful to know that both Bella Nova and Debonairs are out there to cater to this particular need of mine.

No longer strictly cum fornicating then, also cum massaging too. Can't wait to get to know the places better and figure out what type of massage works best for me.

Thank-you Isla, and thank-you Bella Nova.

Please always note, identifying features have been removed from images for discretion purposes.

Also bare in mind, females change their hair like the Auckland weather changes its mind about what season it is.