Luxury Sensual Massage



Name: Dahlia

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Bust: B Cup

Dress Size: 8

Height: 5,10

Massage Style: Sexy

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Tattoos: Yes


How lucky am I to have caught your eye! Thank you for your interest.

Please, step into my little world of sexiness and lets lose ourselves in pleasure for an hour or two.

Lets forget about the stresses in life and find comfort in each other’s warm embrace.

I am a stunning American beauty, 26 years old, with luscious long hair and mischievous eyes.

As a dancer and outdoor enthusiast my body is kept tight and lean and perfectly shaped.

My friends often tell me how lucky I am with my hip to waist ratio and how I have one of the best bums in town.

I love to have fun and to keep things interesting with plenty of intimate body slides, some erotic dancing and a slow, full bodied orgasm.

I am all about the quality of my experience with you. You aren’t just a number to me.

These little moments of indulgence need to savored and spent with someone who cares about more than how quickly she can get you in and out.

I really like to get to know who you are, what makes you laugh, what makes your heart race and your mind tick…I like to know that when we are together we are all that matters.

While I am new to sensual massage I have found absolute joy in it and I am proud of the exhilaration I bring to other peoples lives because of this art.

I am open to discussing extras with friendly and kind gentlemen.

I can’t wait to make our connection

Dahlia xx

Additional Services

Extras are at the girls discretion. Bella Nova makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Additional Services Offered at My Discretion:

Doubles | Bi Doubles | Couples | Blind Dates

Ask me about extras during your session.

I don't advertise them for my privacy.
Thanks for your understanding

Please always note, identifying features have been removed from images for discretion purposes.

Also bare in mind, females change their hair like the Auckland weather changes its mind about what season it is.