Luxury Sensual Massage

Britney Vega


Name: Britney

Age: 28

Nationality: European

Bust: C Cup

Dress Size: 8

Height: 5,6

Massage Style: Intimate/Relaxing

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Tattoos: No


Relaxing and intimate, let Britney treat you to an up close and personal sensual massage.

If what you desire is to just lay back and relax whilst a beautiful woman pampers you, then look no further, because that is exactly what Britney is known for.

Tall and slim with legs that go on for days. Britney is well reviewed and for good reason.

I am confident with my touch and graceful with my movements. I massage skillfully and tease like a true temptress. 

Come and experience the reverse sensual massage style she is known for.

Additional Services

Extras are at the girls discretion. Bella Nova makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Additional Services Offered at My Discretion:

Blind Dates | Massage Me | Intimate Touching | Multishots

Britney doesn't offer many extras and prefers to put emphasis on sensual massage.

Please ask during your session though as she is open minded xx


Review by gglover

Having visited Britney Vega a few times over the last few months I though it's only right to put in a standalone review for her, I have commented in a previous review.

For those who haven't been to Bella Nova Massage, it's very easy to book, in the premises you only see the lady who will massage you and also shower is in the room so no chance of running into others or waiting around for another client to finish their shower so more time for your massage here.

Britney gets you to lie on your back & massages your front first so that's really good because occasionally you get someone who'll massage your back for ages and then flip you around maybe with little time left but not the case with her. She spends a good amount of time on your front, so even if you reach your completion she will still spend some more time on your front and then give a sufficient amount of time for a relaxing back massage that is full of good soft & sensual touches and nail grazes

She's not afraid not press right up against you in her front on bodyslides, it is wonderful having a really nice body to body contact especially with someone who has a terrific looking body.

Always a good time.

Review by smp

I finally managed to pay a visit to Bella Nova, it's location is very convenient for me so I decided to walk down there to see them. Of course Auckland has decided to bring back winter right now so it was a very brisk canter to the very well decked out premises. I was welcomed into a very nice warm, dimly lit room, by an even warmer looking Britney.

Britney is a very nice looking girl, with a very friendly, bubbly , and welcoming personality. Very easy to talk to, and felt very comfortable straight away.
Quick shower (great, powerful shower it was. 5/5) and on to the table, starting off lying on back.

Britney's style is relaxing, not too firm, and very sensual. She gets up close and personal, and times the session out very well. I was encouraged to explore her body with my hands and obliged most happily, Britney has a killer bod, with a great set of tits, and nice pert bum that begs to be grabbed..............
All too soon my time was up and I was off out into the bitter Auckland weather again, this time with a spring in my step, a smile on my dial, and feeling all relaxed and warm.

I had a fantastic time with Britney, a really cool girl, and very pleasing on the eyes indeed.
Highly recommended!

Thanks Bella Nova & Britney, see you again soon.

Please always note, identifying features have been removed from images for discretion purposes.

Also bare in mind, females change their hair like the Auckland weather changes its mind about what season it is.