Age: 21

Height: 5,4

Identifies As: Kiwi European

Bust: B Cup

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Dress Size: 6

Tattoos: None

Sexual Orientation: Open

Massage Style: Highly Intimate

With one of the most slim and petite figures you have come across, you will be pleasantly surprised at the playful, sexy power I will have over you.
I am comfortable and in tune with myself, and I will put your mind at ease in the room. Let me read your body language and I'll show you another dimension of pleasure and relaxation.
Sensuality comes naturally to me and it's not unusual for someone to leave me having commented on the breath taking level of intimacy I can engage them in.
It's not often I do small talk, so expect our conversation to deepen our connection
as well as my touch.

Extras are at the girls discretion BellaNova makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Aria does not offer extras and asks that you please respect this by not asking for them.

When Aria entered the room I was caught a little off guard. One minute I'm standing on my own and the next, there she is standing right in front of me. Stunning woman with petite refined features and a presence that despite her diminutive stature commands the room. I'm at a loss for words, we stand momentarily in silence, staring at one another, the ice is broken with a hug. Lovely lady with a quick wit and great conversation. Also, (importantly) great taste in music which she will happily tailor to your preference.

Aria is all sensuality, her style is sexy elegance which builds relentlessly from the beginning right through to the end. I loved the way she took control, leading me, guiding me, tantalizing me towards what was a truly mind blowing finale. It turns out her first trainer was someone I saw often, such was her prowess, and it shows, but Aria has added her own unique style and taken things to a whole new level and boy is she good. I didn't fight it, just went with it, relaxed and enjoyed all of Aria's beauty, grace and charm. She is supremely talented with a sixth sense for knowing what your mind and body want and need. She really does have a gift.

She just kept taking me up through the levels and I soaked up every detail, every element as she turned all my dials to absolute max and then continued on and on, every muscle in my body flexing, contracting, yearning for release as she took me to the highest point I could possibly go and when she released me, I let out a primeval scream as I shuddered, groaning and moaning, my whole body pulsing with delight. Then she brought me down, ever so carefully, so gently, so satisfyingly that I was filled with such euphoria as I lay there sated and exhausted. Its quite the experience and whether you're as hard as nails or as soft as a marshmallow I thoroughly recommend.

You may have a black heart, buried deep behind your walls, locked away in a vault that even you don't have the key for. Yet Aria will open you up, like a master safe cracker, and lay you bare, bringing forth your erotic cravings, eliciting such lust that you just may lose all control. For when you try to hide something deep inside and hope it will be left untouched Aria will find a way to unlock your longing, your desire, your passion and shine her light on you. She did that for me, such a special lady.

Quite extraordinary really, to look at, she is so beautiful,yet she is the daintiest little thing who had me completely at her mercy for what was an incredibly amazing 75 minute booking of the purest form of sensual eroticism I could have hoped for.

A rare talent, a rare talent indeed and I was so inspired I wrote her a poem. I hope she likes it.

Aria you really did brighten up my day!

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