Luxury Sensual Massage

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Bella Nova is the absolute elite in Sensual Massage.

Bella Nova girls are beautiful, punctual, intelligent, reliable, passionate about providing a stellar service and have a flair for
making even the most nervous client feel comfortable.

We strive for perfection.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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All information you provide us is kept strictly confidential.

  • Provide us with any relevant industry experience you may, or may not have, we are newbie friendly!
  • Provide us with a "work ready" face and body photo, this will be your face fully done up for work. Again, strictly confidential, we don't need nudes.
  • The best contact method and the best time to contact you and arrange an interview

Once we have this information we will arrange a face to face interview on premises and if you
decide you would like to continue with the application process we will arrange your photo shoot and advertising.

Alternatively, we also have room rental available for independent/touring sensual massage operators.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Please note we are not a full service establishment

The sort of ladies we cater to

  • Immaculately groomed
  • Friendly
  • Punctual and Reliable
  • Team player
  • 18 years old or over

The sort of ladies who benefit from this vocation

  • University students:
    Due to the ability to make large amount of income in a shorter frame of time, allowing room for study and social activities.
  • Single mothers:
    Due to the flexible nature of the job, single mothers are able to earn a satisfying income without sacrificing precious time with their children.
  • In-between Jobs:
    Ladies who have left previous employment and are biding their time for that perfect next big career move.
  • Massage Therapists:
    Previous experience with massage is an absolute sure fire way to become a fast favorite.
  • Income Supplementation:
    Women who may want to supplement their current income.

Bella Novas Pledge

  • We provide a safe and clean space.
  • We provide the products, the utilities and the laundry.
  • We deal with all advertising.
  • Training and intense first booking support is provided for industry newbies.
  • There is copious amounts of chocolate on premises at all times.
  • We have the highest payout rate in the Auckland Region