Luxury Sensual Massage

Alice Cassidy


Name: Alice Cassidy

Age: 21

Nationality: British

Bust: C Cup

Dress Size: 8

Height: 5,5

Massage Style: Teasing

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Tattoos: Yes


Like a shot of Whisky on a cold day, Alice Cassidy will warm your body in the decadently erotic way that comes so naturally to her.

She is the kind of tease who will look you in the eye as she sets your body on fire with arousal and giggle as she takes her time tracing her nipples down your body.

Her neat little figure and pretty features are accented by her love for kinky lingerie and art.

Unapologetic for her raunchy yet intimate style, Alice is the perfect chaser to break up your day to day monotony.

Additional Services

Extras are at the girls discretion. Bella Nova makes no guarantees on behalf of the girls, nor do we set their fees. 

Additional Services Offered at My Discretion:

Doubles | Bi Doubles | Couples | Blind Dates | COB

Humiliation | Light BDSM | Tie and tease | Prostate massage | Mutual Masturbation

Multishots | Oral on me | CBJ | Mutual Oral | Stockings

Intimate Touching | Cuddling | Toys | Spanking | Kissing

Price Range: $50 to $200


Review by Wade

So after Slowhands review of his blind date double, i had to get myself into Bella Nova and meet Alice.

Very glad that I did.

A bit of forum flirting before and some messages to discuss what i was after and booking made.
As always booking is easy, premises are fantastic and showers are great.

Alice is a very VERY sexy and sensual lady. Stunning body and has a great accent. She knows exactly how to get you to the brink in a massage and the wind you back before taking you up to heights again. Shes open to extras and these were discussed prior to the booking. So arrived with the right amounts of cash and just settled into the booking.

Alice was fantastic in everything she did, movements around and on top of the table, endless body slides and more.
Won't go into too much detail as to the booking itself, or the extras, other than to say MAXIMUM EFFORT!!!!

And yes Alice i agree with you, there is something about a body slide from a lady with nipple piercings that makes the sensations all feel very different, and that's in a good way!
Ending was, well, it was fucking amazing!

Highly recommend seeing Alice to any SM punters out there, or any FS guys wanting to try out SM for the first time and are wanting to add a few things to spice up the booking. Looks like we hit the jackpot Auckland!

Thanks Alice and Bella Nova.

Review by slowhand

It's my second ever sensual massage. Lovely Lilly pops up in chat looking for volunteers to sample a blind date at Bella Nova, so upstanding citizen that I am I put my hand up. A lucky dip! Then the next day she's here again so I find myself upsized to a lucky double-dip.

So I'm greeted by Alice and Kelsey, dressed to thrill, looking gorgeous, and it's obvious this is gonna be grand, a pair of beautiful girls all laughter and giggles, mischief in their eyes, and after a bit of preamble, like a lamb to the slaughter, I'm laid face down on the massage table, naked as a jaybird, oiled up and ready for inaction, ready to kick back and enjoy, the whole point of SM I feel. My little spy-hole gives me a lovely view of Kelsey's feet, but she distracts me by putting my hands on her hips. Now this is where I gain a whole new appreciation for this part of a woman's body, I'm kind of physically restricted as to where I can roam and we haven't got to the rules yet but I give these wonderful hips the attention they deserve. And all the while there are hands and breasts and pussies and all manner of wonderful things slipping and a-sliding from my head to my toe and next thing the feet have disappeared, I think we're all on the table now and I drag my attention away briefly from the wonderful sensations to look at the legs of the table through my spy-hole thinking rock-a-bye slowhand.

And then it's time to turn over.

The girls know it's only my second sensual massage and that my first was Gaia and that I'm a bit of a fan of full service and yet they have a gleam in their eyes, I think they know by now that I'm putty in their hands.

I think I'd imagined a girl on either side of the table taking turns to rark me up but no this is full on slipping and sliding, body on body, bodies on body, and my thoughts of the structural integrity of the table are long gone, there's far far more interesting things to occupy my mind and the view is outstanding, my will to follow the rules deliciously tested and I'm in heaven, my hands are in heaven, doing what they do best, these bodies are exquisite, and mine is in its happy place, its very happy place.

Thank you girls, this was amazing, still is. I'm a SM fan, incredible non-bang for buck too. To have these two beautiful girls happily and skillfully arouse such pleasure, bucket list stuff.

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